GeoMeasure offers digital construction verification services precisely record and compare the as-built condition against the design intent in order to establish whether or not it meets the client's requirements

Employing scanning technology for construction verification ensures that the design concept is being carried out on site. Highlighting any deviations from the design at an early stage means that potential issues can be designed out, rather than dealt with on-site causing delays and increased costs.

It may be advisable to scan the object multiple times along the construction process, at the end of particular phases as the various construction-related work teams complete their works e.g., structural completion, installation of MEP and Fit-out.

When working within the BIM environment, the data collected in this way can also be used in connection with the design to update the model on a continuous basis. This, in turn, leads to a far more accurate as-built model to be delivered to the client upon completion.

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